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How did start?

Before starting Listopro, as a team, we were leading the expansions starting from scratch with companies such as Listopro, Hellofood, Gympass, Groupon, where we encountered a recurring problem: hiring the best talent is an extremely arduous task. The best talents, especially for specialized positions, generally already have a job, they are not in active search, so it is very difficult to attract them. Traditional job portals mainly help to attract CVs of candidates with little experience, and specifically in active search: in the end companies review 100+ CVs that do not meet their requirements. Traditional hunting agencies partially solve the problem of hiring specialized talent, however, by not using technology their processes are slow and generally expensive.
Our founders Giuseppe, Diego and Riccardo came together in 2017 to create a better way to recruit top talent, starting with digital positions.


After 3 years working together, Diego, Giuseppe and Roger leave RocketInternet/HellofFood, with the goal of creating a company together.


Giuseppe met Riccardo in Chile, CTO of a job startup and they invite him to join their new adventure.


Giuseppe, Diego and Riccardo start Listopro and win Startup Chile


Listopro grows and wins a prize of 40,000 USD (Parallel18), while as it's growing in Mexico


Listopro closes out the year with growth of 300% and winning a prize of 10.000 USD


We are chosen to be part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator

How are we are different?

Focus on Candidates
We constantly meet the best talents in the market through our technology and consultants
Focus on Data
Our technology improves with each new search and we use the data to improve our processes
Focus on Results
Companies have urgency when hiring staff: our process maximizes speed, without losing quality of service
Focus on Efficiency
We understand the processes of your companies and we integrate easily, to optimize your resources

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Our Team

We are a team of more than 30 people dedicated to offering the best quality and the best service not only to companies, but also to candidates.

At Listopro we are always looking for talent to integrate into our great family.

250+ companies have trusted us.